Outdoor Grace Group

Our Outdoor Grace Group met last night at the Nature Center in Tyler, which is a nice place with hiking trails, some fishing and just a great place to be outside. This night, we were having a good ol’ fish fry followed by a demonstration from Art and his duck hunting dog, Buddy.


As the fish were cooking, I walked down to the nearby pond. It was clear and you could see the fish swimming below. The first fish I saw was this massive catfish and the size alone caught my eye but then I looked closer and saw it was eating another fish! Of course, I start telling everyone to come look but by the time they look it’s gone. I’m excited and reiterating how big it was but soon realize I sound like one of those guys telling a fishing story where the fish keeps getting bigger and bigger and nobody believes you. But just for the record, the fish was REALLY BIG or it was to me.


The demonstration from Art & Buddy was amazing. Art led off by telling his story of how he started duck hunting and out of everything in life, training his own dog is one of the greatest accomplishments in his life. In the process of training Buddy, one thing that was stressed was spending time with him every day even if it was for only ten minutes. Now because of the time he put into Buddy and the connection that grew from it, when Art asks him to do anything he does it.


Art hid several decoys around the center, gave Buddy the commands/directions towards the decoys and Buddy went looking. Even if he wasn’t able to find the duck on the first try, he would go back again if Art said so. He trusted in his masters directions. Something I found interesting was every time Art would blow the whistle Buddy would stop where he was at, look back at Art for what he was going to command then follow the command given. The whole demonstration was a great example of how spending time with God every day in prayer, reading the bible, etc., even if it’s just for ten minutes, makes it easier to hear and understand His voice. And how sometimes we may not understand where we are going but if we listen for God to “blow the whistle” and look to the Lord for directions, He is there to show us the way. All we have to do is spend time with Him and trust Him!




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