Lost at Caddo Lake

This past weekend my husband & I, along with part of our Outdoor Grace Group, went camping at Caddo Lake. The weather was perfect, the company was great, and we came home with only a few mosquito bites and no poison ivy. Praise the Lord! I thought we’d get it for sure because we hiked through it on our quest to find a rare flower growing in the park. During our quest, we went through ravines, brush, and as mentioned, poison ivy. We were all in shorts and I had my Chacos on, which are basically hiking sandals. They came in handy when I walked through water to get better photos of the flowers but made for a little harder of a hike while trying to avoid all the stickers.

So not only did the brush and poison ivy make the hike interesting but after we finished taking photos of the flowers, we decided to find an easier way out.  Bad decision.  A GPS device led us to the flower but we had lost our signal in the ravine. So now we are completely on our own, the sun wasn’t out to give us East or West and we have chosen to take a new route. I bet you know where this story is going. After a long time hiking, we realize nothing is looking right. Our GPS signal is still lost and that’s when we make the decision to turn around and head back to the flower. Imagine in all of this, I am 20 weeks pregnant and it’s my first pregnancy, which has been great but it’s all a new experience for me. I quickly notice I’m not able to keep up with the others like I normally do and I don’t have as much energy as I thought I would. Plus I’m being careful not to trip and fall. My husband was sweet to stay back with me and encourage me along.

So we find the flower again and head back in the direction we initially came from. It was still a long hike back to the actual trail, but at least we were going in the right direction. We knew we were close but had one more hill to climb and wasn’t exactly sure which way to go but then we heard one of the kids calling for her dad! It was comforting to hear her voice and we followed it back to the trail.

Was it all worth it? Sure it was. All I could think was, I hope these photos turn out! The name of the flower is the Southern Lady Slipper and it’s a flower that looks like a slipper but only grows in a handful of states, in certain habitats and at a specific time during the year. We are one of the lucky ones to have seen it!Southern Lady Slipper



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