One Mother’s Prayer

In case you haven’t heard, Sunday is Mother’s Day.  In our country, it is a big deal.  I’ve been thinking a lot about Mothers this week.  (You can read about those thoughts further on my personal blog: 

While considering all of the different aspects of mothering, and all of the different facets of motherhood, I came across this poem:

I Offer My Life

Lord, I offer my daily life with my children, as a prayer for all children of the world, especially those who are unloved, maltreated, sexually abused, starving, lonely, bullied, orphaned or afraid.

Lord, I offer my struggle with demands of parenthood as a prayer for other parents, those who face similar difficulties, and those whose problems are different.

Lord, I offer my delight in my children as a prayer for childless couples, bereaved parents, single parents who ache for someone to share the load, adopted children who have been told the truth too late, women who have had abortions, aborted babies, and for all the secure and contented children too.

~Angela Ashwin

Happy Mother’s Day



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