7 is a perfect number.

My lovely bride and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary Monday. Here’s how we did it:

  • Tara always has a hot breakfast for me in the morning (by 7 am)
  • I never forget to take out the trash, or to wash the dishes when it’s my turn
  • We never fight – ever
  • I bring flowers twice a week, sometimes 3 times
  • Most of our arguments are really just competitions to see who can admit fault the fastest
  • We trust God completely with our finances
  • Avery has never caused any friction and is really the perfect child so, we plan to have 13
  • When all else fails we just assume that I have a closer relationship with God than she does, because I’m a worship leader, so we just do what I say

If we make it to 8, the next thing on our agenda, is to co-author a book entitled – 8 years: the better-than-perfect marriage (autobiography).


Our marriage is far from perfect. There have been times we both wanted to throw in the towel. In fact, I would say a perfect marriage doesn’t exist. Marriages don’t work because of us. I truly believe that God gave us marriage to demonstrate His power, not ours. God has shown himself mighty in our marriage (this means that we’ve had some real difficulties)! If not for Him, we would be miserable. Paul says that “those who marry will experience distress in this life” (1 Cor. 7). Since the day sin entered the world, we know that life in general became difficult. Marriage is difficult, especially if we expect our spouse to fill a God-shaped void in our life.

Marriage is the most beautiful thing we’ve ever experienced, and it’s the toughest thing we’ve ever experienced. It is the most fulfilling when we allow Christ to be first. This means we have to be willing to die inside. Quite literally to die to personal desires and at times needs, instead allowing Christ to fill those voids. When we both pursue Christ, we can’t help but be drawn closer to each other. That’s just how it works (this is a lot easier to say, than to do, but it’s true!).

I thank God for my wonderful wife, and for giving us our wonderful son, Avery. It’s my prayer that He will continue to draw us closer to Him. Happy Anniversary, Tara.


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