Decisions, decisions

Last weekend, my husband and I set out to do our baby registry. Two stores and five hours later we were finished and tired. There were so many options, do you want a rocker and a swing or just a rocker and just a swing? What colors? Do they all have to match? What all do you even need!?! And then once you get home, you can go online and check out all the reviews to your items and that only adds more questions to the pot.

Thankfully, my sister had a baby a year ago so I have picked her brain a lot and had her look at my registry for things I might have missed. She was great by giving me a list of big to small things (ointments, wipe warmer, etc) that worked for her or didn’t.

On Sunday I will be 25 weeks and time seems to have flown by and the urgency to pick a name and get everything as perfect as possible is setting in more. I’m not fretting too much but I have those days where everything comes to mind that has to get done but I just realize, it’s all okay and it will get done.  Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Of course we get caught up in the planning but we still enjoy the day to day happenings of the pregnancy. Last week Jeff was gone and I noticed the baby didn’t move as much but when he arrived home on Friday and we were sitting on the couch, the baby went crazy! I just looked at Jeff and said she missed you too!



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