Awards & Promotions 009Today I went to two promotion ceremonies.  (I’ve been to two additional awards ceremonies and one graduation in the past week.)  With the oldest child, parents comment on and take great notice of all of the “firsts.”  The first word, the first tooth, the first day of kindergarten, the first lost tooth, the first time driving, and even–the first date.  (Yikes, Leah–are you ready for this?)  It’s all new and it’s all exciting, and it’s all so very special.

With the youngest child, parents take special notice of all of the “lasts.”  The last sippy cup, the last tricycle, the last letter to Santa Claus, the last lost tooth, the last time in the carpool lane, and especially–the last graduation.   It’s all too fast, and it’s all alarming, and it’s all so very profound.

Today my youngest had her last day of elementary school.  I must admit that I did get a bit misty at one point during the ceremony.  Her teacher said some very lovely things about her, and she received some special awards and accolades.   It was a beautiful and moving event.

A few hours later, I was at my son’s promotion ceremony from middle school to high school.  The mood there was anything but somber!  These teenage “kids” are in the thick of their education and were enjoying their day.  They even took it upon themselves to create some of their own creative awards.  (My son received one for being most likely to discover a new planet–and one for being most likely to be from another planet…)  Afterwards, they took the picture below, and then suprised the bunch with a prank you can see in the next picture.

Awards & Promotions 006

Awards & Promotions 008


(Some of their older siblings bombarded them with flour.) 




After realizing how much yet to come there is for my youngest, I came to a new conclusion.  Today was actually the first of her graduations.  I have no need to be somber.  Until next year, of course, when my oldest daughter graduates from high school!



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