Dayspring Kids




Dayspring Edge, Kids Worship and Worship Jr. services are held concurrently with the 9:30 and 11:00 adult worship services.

Nursery is for our youngest Dayspring children 6 wks. – 2yrs. old.  We not only seek to provide a safe, clean and loving environment for children, but also to foster a love of God.  Children will engage in times of fellowship and prayer.

If it’s your first time in the Nursery:

  • Please arrive a little early so that you can check-in at the First Time Visitors Station, fill out nursery card and have time to get your child settled.

  • Label Diaper bag and all contents with your child’s name.

  • Return promptly to nursery and show badge that corresponds to your child’s badge to Nursery attendant as a means to release your child from our care.

Kids Worship Jr. is where children 3 – 5 years old are cared for in a smaller group environment.  During this time, hands on activities, songs, and bible messages are used to engage children in learning about God and how the bible applies to their everyday lives.

Kids Worship is an exciting and God honoring environment for children Kindergarten-5th grade.  Children actively participate in a large group worship setting utilizing video animation, songs, games, and activities led by a worship host.  Following worship, children meet in grade level small groups led by an adult volunteer. Here they explore how the bible lesson applies to their daily lives.

Edge is a 5th grade small group. 5th graders gather in Kids Worship, then move to the Youth room during the service. Leaders provide group lessons and games.


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