What to Expect on Sunday

What to Expect

WORSHIP: Our people are grounded. We started as a Church without walls (literally); meeting in a movie theater from 2007 until 2011 keeps you pretty down to earth. Now that we have a new place of our own, that part hasn’t changed. We’re here to worship the one true God together, and to glorify him in our community during the week.

God has given us an incredible space in which we don’t simply put on a show, we worship together as a community.  Our worship services are designed to facilitate an encounter with the living God as we offer our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness to Christ.  As we make ourselves available to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, we believe God actually shows up on Sunday mornings!

MUSIC: Our music is engaging. Aaron selects songs based on theological content, singability and instrumental creativity. Our band consists of an incredible community of musicians and songwriters. On Sunday mornings, we join with creation in singing various arrangements and medleys of hymns and current music, ranging from the piano-driven to electric guitar led anthems.

PREACHING: Our teaching is scriptural. Pastor Matt preaches from a passion for Wesleyan expressions of faith that hold together the ideas of personal faith and social responsibility. He combines scriptural lessons with creative thought, addressing the issues affecting our lives today.

DRESS: Dayspring is laid back. Matt preaches in jeans and sometimes slacks. If you ever see Aaron leading worship in anything besides jeans, you should probably document it.

KIDS: We design worship services specifically for our children as well!  Children are also more than welcome to remain in the sanctuary during worship if you prefer.

Join us for worship Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11:00am.
310 W. Cumberland Road
Tyler, Texas 75703


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