Playing to your Strengths

So my wife, Sharla, signed us up for softball, which neither of us have ever played. Softball has kicked our rears so far! The first week Sharla got a bruise the size of a small dog on her knee and leg. This week while I was running to first, I took a small look back and bit the dust about 10 feet short of first. Attached is the picture of my knee (women and children avert your eyes).

I think it is vital to try new things, but at some point you have to figure out what you are good at and, well…what you aren’t.

This week I have spent some time considering where Dayspring is and where we are headed. I am using June to dream and vision for the future. One of the big questions I asked was, “What comes naturally to Dayspring?” In other words, what are we good at doing and what takes more energy to accomplish–possibly too much energy to accomplish.

I think it is important that churches play to their strengths. Dayspring can do what other churches cannot and vice versa. This month of self-evaluation will certainly lead to a more focused direction for Dayspring in the fall. And as for my fall schedule, I think I’ll just sit on the bench and cheer the team.



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