This is a word we’re using a lot right now at Dayspring. From the first time we heard about the vision of One Prayer, we knew it was something for us. It’s all about reaching people through service. We strive to be a Church without walls. That means service.

So often in Church circles, we think this means we have to get in someone’s face, witness, hand out bibles or tracts and otherwise talk about Jesus from a soapbox. These are all great things, but that’s not what it’s all about. Didn’t Christ himself say that if we do something to the least of all people, we’ve done it unto him (paraphrase)? That’s what it’s all about. People will see Christ through our service, whether it’s obvioiusly Christian, or simply showing the attitude of Christ. Baking cookies doesn’t immediately come to mind as a ministry perhaps, but the simplest of things often have the greatest impact.

This is my challenge for you today – go serve.

Visit for some simple service ideas, then let us know how you served. We’re curious.



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