Father’s Day

This coming Sunday is Father’s Day.  While not as much the Hallmark Holiday as Mother’s Day, it still is a meaningful day for many families.  I think that most of us do remember our dads on Father’s Day, but I wonder if it is with the same reverence as  we do with our moms on Mother’s Day.  Many of my friends carry some baggage when it comes to remembering their fathers.  If I am honest, I admit that I do, too.   Don’t get me wrong,  lots of people consider their dad their hero–but there is a lot more than sentiment that goes along with what we seem to require of fatherhood.   

So…what makes a great dad?

1)   He provides for his children’s needs & doesn’t require any thanks.

2)   He listens to his children when they talk to him and offers advice when asked for it.

3)  He teaches by example as well as with his words.

4)  He disciplines out of love and forgives them when they are sorry.

5)  He sets boundaries and opens doors.

6)  He tells good stories and comforts hurt feelings.

7)  He can fix things so that old things become new again.

8)  He sacrifices his own desires in order to offer his children the best.

9)  He expects obedience, but knows that respect is earned.

10)  He never, ever, ever, ever stops loving his children–no matter what.

Does that sound like anyone you know?  It’s a tough model–but it pretty much sums up how I view God the Father.  This Father’s Day, call your dad.  And don’t forget to talk to your Father, too.




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