Dayspringers: We need you this Sunday

As we approach the two-year mark in the life of our church, we prepare for an important step as a community:  securing a permanent home for Dayspring.

I invite you to attend a special congregational meeting this Sunday, July 12, to hear details of the recommendation of our property team, and to cast your vote on this important milestone. The meeting will immediately follow the breakdown of our worship service in theater 8.

It is fitting that we consider our future direction with the challenges of being a portable church fresh in our minds. As you indicated in a survey on this topic almost a year ago, it is the hope of this congregation to lay down roots in order to continue to evolve in our mission of worship, fellowship and service.

We recently identified a property on the southwest side of Cumberland Road at Broadway (on the left as you enter Faulkner Park), that satisfies all of our needs. In fact, it is the first among many options evaluated that garnered a unanimous vote by the team.

I look forward to bringing you up to date on the details of the opportunity this Sunday, when we put the opportunity to a vote by our congregation. (If you are unable to attend, but want to hear the details and be able to vote, please contact me.)

Jeff Olive


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