Dayspring unanimously votes yes!

Wherever two or more are gathered…there is dissent. But in a rare and wonderful expression of unity, the membership of Dayspring voted unanimously last Sunday – that’s 100 percent – to proceed with the acquisition of the land recommended by the property team.

I am so pleased with the unity of this first and historic decision by our young church.

I thank the large number of you who attended last week and made the time to take part in this discussion. The number and nature of the questions showed a high level of engagement and interest and for this also I am truly grateful.

If you were not able to attend, here is a brief recap:

  • The property team identified a tract of land (16.52 acres to be exact) that met all of the criteria they were tasked to work against. After reviewing the property and finding it suitable, the team unanimously agreed to present it to the congregation.
  • This past Sunday our congregation met for a time of communal discernment and consensus. With our District Superintendent present, representatives of the property team presented the property to the congregation and spoke about our financial commitments.
  • After a time of questions and answers, each person casted a written ballot and we closed our time together with prayer.

A friend joked that I should record this day because “it will probably be the only time we all agree.” While that is probably quite true, I will remember the day for the many more significant things it means for Dayspring:

  • The strong consensus and energy of this growing young church to create a lasting community for Christ in south Tyler.
  • The blessing of being able to make such a commitment with such unity.
  • The continued generosity all of you show with your time, talents and treasures for the advancement of Dayspring’s vision.

I am so glad to be part of what is taking place at Dayspring. I am confident that as we move toward a permanent home of our own, we will remain committed to our unique vision of bringing light and peace to people’s lives through the Dayspring from on high, Jesus Christ.


Yours on the journey,


Jeff Olive


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