And if____, then God

Last week in the Beth Moore bible study on Esther, we focused on the topic of fear and how Esther faced her fear and trusted God no matter the outcome.

Beth made an interesting statement that sometimes we have a life long fear that almost consumes and controls us but it’s something that might never happen. We just live in the fear of “what if”. Then she presented a thought, “And if _____________, then _________.” What if I lose my job, lose my house, my spouse cheats on me, I fail this exam, etc. Life can be full of “what ifs” and they can easily consume our lives if we are not careful.

She encouraged us to think through our fear of what if and then what would happen? We’d be hurt, struggling, lost, devastated, a numerous amount of emotions we would be feeling BUT through it all God remains.

God is constant. He never leaves us, always loves us, and is always walking with us through anything we face. So when we think of our “what if” fears, know that if our fears do come true, then God will be there to pull us through. It’s not to take away from the hurt you may feel but to give you comfort that through anything you face, God is still in control and He loves you and will carry you through. He will never leave you!


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