Doing a New Thing

This summer I have taken quite a bit of time to re-focus the church on what is central to our mission (worship, fellowship, service). Tightening up and clarifying our purpose empowers us to take some next steps this fall. As Dayspring moves forward with some big new directions like property and possibly a building, we are cautious not to lose the unique nature of our ministry.

This summer I planned Dayspring’s ministry through next June. We know what we will be doing a year from now. This does not mean we cannot be flexible if something comes up, but it does mean we can plan appropriately for what is on the horizon. Having a roadmap for the next year of ministry also allows me to look at what we have on the calendar, see where our weaknesses are, and what ministries need more attention.

There are a few changes that scare the heck out of me. Dayspring is doing well, so why try something new or make any changes? Because I don’t want us to rest and stagnate. I don’t want us to get too comfortable with where we are or what we are doing. I don’t want us to forget that our mission is not to create a nice place for us, but space so that others can come to know Christ.

I don’t like everything I am planning and some Dayspringers won’t either (we all like for things to stay the same), but my overriding question is: will it help multiply our outreach potential. So, hold on to your theater seats, because the most exciting part of the journey is yet before us!


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