Over the July 4th weekend, my husband and I went to my hometown of Albion, Illinois for a baby shower. Albion is a small farming community of 2000 folks. Needless to say, everyone knows everyone and there’s a good chance you might be related too. I can drive through the whole town and tell you who lives where and probably who used to live there as well.

I always like going home. It’s a place where I feel I can be completely me and not worry about acting inappropriately or giving someone a bad impression of me. But it’s just me relaxing and hanging out with people who I have known my entire life.

This was the first time for my family and everyone in the community to see me pregnant in person besides the occasional emailed photo. All were excited but a couple of people made the comment, “I thought I’d never see this happen”.  I would just laugh but later asked my husband, what do you think they meant when they said that? He said smiling, “I don’t know, you tell me”.

I am the youngest of three girls and was always the adventurous, outgoing one but still always a good girl. I’m sure I gave my parents several gray hairs and I’m sure I was a little ornery every now and then but aren’t we all at some point?

I hope some day Tyler will feel something like my hometown. I was blessed with a wonderful community to grow up in. If you needed anything, going through a hard time, or if your tractor just broke down, people would show up to help before you knew it. It felt like a second family and most of those people were the folks I went to church with.

Even though Dayspring is a little bit bigger than the church I grew up in, I still hope it will be like the second family I had back in Illinois.


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