Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

I have learned throughout life that sometimes you just have to laugh at your mistakes, short comings, “blond-moments”, mishaps, whatever you want to call them.

Since I have been pregnant, I have learned to laugh a little more at myself. Often while walking around the Dayspring office, I will suddenly trip over my own feet and just let out laughter. Aaron will ask if I’m okay, because he just hears “splat”, then “ha ha ha…” My latest smiles came from a couple of days ago, for no reason, I fell into the office bathroom door and today, a chocolate milkshake sounded good so I made a quick trip to Braum’s but now, for some reason and not for sure how it happened, but I have chocolate spots all over my shirt.

I honestly don’t know how they kept getting on my shirt. After the first drop, I looked at the cup and didn’t see anything, then a second drop formed, thought the lid might be leaking so I took that off, and apparently that wasn’t it because then a third one appeared. So right now I look kind of silly and like a little kid who just ate ice cream because I’m wearing it as well…(note to self, go check the mirror and make sure there isn’t any on my face too).

Anyways, the point to all of this and what I remind myself to do is you just have to laugh at things sometimes. It may be embarrassing, insulting, or just drive you crazy but it might be better to laugh it off than to beat yourself up over it.


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