There have been a lot of changes that have happened in my life in the past year or so. Everything from moving to Tyler, changing jobs, obviously being pregnant has been a change for me, but last Monday marked the one year anniversary of my dad’s passing from cancer.

Has it already been a year? I asked myself. It’s not that we haven’t missed him or haven’t noticed he isn’t around as to why the time went by fast but I believe part of it is credited to the great community and support we have received from everyone and knowing he really is in a better place.

My dad was diagnosed in January of 2007 and given maybe a year to live. He was 56 and made it a year and a half but one of the things he stressed throughout his battle was “There’s nothing to do but save lives.” Meaning, there is nothing more important than telling others about Christ.

We all get caught up in the day to day tasks and run around of life but what matters most in the end? Do you know Jesus? I’ll admit it’s awkward for me just to walk up to someone and say “Do you know Jesus?” or “Are you going to heaven?” That’s not my approach. You can share Christ with others by simply building a relationship with someone, getting to know their cares, concerns, and let them get to know me as well. They know from the beginning that I go to church and I let them know that I am a Christian, but I am human. (not to excuse my “sin” but to open the door for them to know they don’t have to be perfect to come to Christ)

When the question or subject comes up about church, part of me always gets a little nervous, not because I’m hesitant to answer but I fear they will automatically shut me out. Thankfully, I haven’t had too many of those situations and you really can’t help it when that happens either.

My point is, “saving lives” is what we are called to do but don’t automatically think you have to be an evangelist or go door to door asking “do you know Jesus?” Just start by building relationships with everyone around you and you will be amazed where that can lead. Care, serve, and pray for your neighbors, co-workers, etc. Have a bbq, play horseshoes, watch football and just fellowship. Before you know it, they’ll be asking “Now, where is it that you go to church?”


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