Back to School

 Senior Class of 2010

Senior Class of 2010

My kids’ first day back to school was Wednesday.  I guess that sounds strange to start mid-week, but it makes sense to me.  They attend a private, Christian school and they always begin the year with Chapel.  I like that.  Regardless of what other messagaes the kids receive that day, the fact that Chapel comes first speaks volumes to me.

The rest of the week they get acquainted with their teachers, their classmates, the new schedules, the new rules (there are always new rules!), they get their course outlines, homework schedule, supply lists, book lists, and uniforms.  There is also a family picnic.  A great way to take care of all the nuts and bolts before the real first week of school.

Where is Grant?
Where is Grant?
 Some of this year's new sixth graders.
Some of this year’s new sixth graders.
This year Megan will be a senior, Grant will be a freshman, and Julia is beginning her first year in middle school.  Lots of childhood milestones for a parent!  It is also the first year that I will be working full time since Megan was a baby.  Yet, as I dropped them off this morning, I sensed that all of us are ready to resume a routine.  Notice that I didn’t say settle into a routine.  Life with teenagers is anything but calm–hectic, complicated, fast-paced, wild, crazy, even frustrating–but definitely not settling.  But it’s a fun ride.  And this year I intend to enjoy the excitement with my eyes wide open and, every now and then, let go with  my hands.

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