Today is Leah’s day to post. However, we received some text messages this morning that explain (better than I could) why Aaron is typing this instead.


txt 7:10 am – I’m n the hosp. Baby coming today

txt 8:41 am – Epidural n now. Dialated to 9. Water is broke. Feeling good just waiting for her to move down.

9:01 am – (Phone call)

Leah – “You might want to call Esther, if you haven’t already.”  

Jeff O. – “Oh, we’ve called her already. Focus.”

txt 1:35 pm – _________ was born 12:42 pm. 7 lb 9 oz, 19.5 inches.

The baby pictures and name are both beautiful, but we’ll leave all that up to the parents to disclose.

Praise God for his new blessing.

Jeff O., Aaron and Sharon


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