Getting to know me! (and Aaron)

Hello all!

While Leah is taking care of her angel at home, I will be filling in at the office.  Since it could take a couple of weeks, I figured I better introduce myself.  Here it goes….  My name is Esther Joy Laird.  I’m twenty years old, and one of Aaron’s little sisters.  That makes life exciting because, well, with Aaron you just don’t know what to expect!  Since you probably won’t get this from Leah, I thought I’d tell you some fun things about my big brother…  He wasn’t always that big, but he has always been crazy-fun!

Growing up in our “old blue house” which is what we call it, there wasn’t a day that we didn’t spend out side.  If you were to visit the Laird family you would find a bunch of half dressed kids running around barefoot and learning a great deal about life and God’s creation!  It was the best!  Aaron, of course was the ring leader.  He and our brother Nathan usually had a gun or fishing pole in their hand.  On this cold December day they were “target” practicing…  At least, they were looking for targets.  Aaron spotted a little white patch far across our pasture.  This was just what they needed!  Aaron and Nathan aimed their Beebe guns….  They fired, hitting the water line right on!  Yes… The NEIGHBORHOOD water line!

A large jet of water shot straight up into the air.  They knocked out the water supply for three whole blocks!  And the best part is, it was Christmas day!   Needless to say my brothers learned to identify their targets before shooting in the future.  Oh the joys of family memories!  This is just one story out of a million!

Well I hope that made you smile or laugh or both!  Or if you are having a hard day and feeling like a failure, just remember…  Your worship leader blew up the neighborhood water line!


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