Little Blessing and Good Laughs


Please meet our new little blessing, Kacey Evelyn Tjoelker. She has spoiled us from day one because labor was fast, she was healthy, she’s laid back and loves to sleep! She did initiate me the first day we were home from the hospital. I was changing her diaper and after I cleaned her up and before I could put a new diaper on, she pooped. This wasn’t your typical poop though. It was projectile poop. I instinctively jumped out of the way and watched it fly over the changing table and onto the floor. Then I looked back at her in time to see her pee and it run down her back. But to top it all off she then spit up! I stood there for a second not knowing what to do or where to begin cleaning up. My husband was outside so I called him and said I needed a little help. I told him of our situation and of course he laughed and then asked him to either clean the room or give Kacey a bath. We’ve had some good laughs about it. Welcome to Motherhood!


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