The Journey Continues

I often think back to the day I came to know Christ and the overwhelming love, joy and passion I felt and then how it carried on through middle school, college and life after college. During this time, I was dedicated to spending time with God in prayer, bible studies, and my mind was constantly focused on reaching others for Christ. So what has changed? God? Umm, NO. Life? Of course, it constantly is but is that a good excuse. And with the life changes and as I have grown older I have learned more about Christ but I also start to have more questions.

As a Christian, sometimes it’s hard to admit when we struggle or have questions about something like a basic part in the Christian life such as prayer. We all want to appear we have it altogether or we don’t want to be judged or anyone to think we aren’t a good Christian.

During the next month or so in my blogs, I hope to be more transparent on my Christian walk in life. Of course I have the fear of everything stated in the paragraph above, but I believe if we always keep everything to ourselves, we never grow. So today, I am beginning my journey towards the full passion I once had. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a desire for people to come to know Christ but Christ doesn’t consume my life like He once did.

Please join me on this journey and feel free to share your thoughts as well.


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