Simple but True

by Leah Tjoelker

This past week I received a forward in my email with a video attached. The video was about how a dog and God are similar. It may sound a little funny or even corny but I have to admit that after watching the video, I look at my dog in a different way.

I love my dog and invested a lot of time in him but since having a baby, my priorities have changed and I always seem too busy to really spend time with him. I get home from work with the baby and say “Hi Pups” but head inside because there’s so much to do (or so I think). Even after the baby is fed, happy and maybe even asleep, I stay inside. 

I can say almost the exact thing when it comes to my relationship with God. I’m always too busy, too tired or when I get finished with everything I just want to do something for myself.

After I watched the video, both with my dog and God, I am trying to take some time and stop on my way inside after work and pet my dog for just a bit. That can’t hurt. Or I at least come to the door if its too cold and I have the baby to pet him there. Same with God, I say good morning God, talk with him during the day for a moment or read a scripture some friend has posted on her facebook status. Talking or praying with God doesn’t have to be long, it can be a simple “hello, I’ve had a rough morning but thanks for the sleep I did get. Help me keep my eyes open for you today”

Watch the video and see how it impacts you.


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