Struggling with Prayer

By: Leah Tjoelker

Tonight my husband and I were chatting and we got on the subject of prayer. I believe in prayer but since my father’s death in 2008 and the pain he went through, my prayer life has taken a hit. Often I hear people pray, “and God’s will be done.” I have to admit, when I hear this phrase, I often roll my eyes because if we are praying for something we want/desire, believe might happen but yet say for God to go ahead and do what he wants, then what’s the point of even asking. This has been my doubt and struggle for about a year but I know in my heart that prayer really works.

Tonight while chatting with my husband, he pointed out that even though we prayed for my dad to be healed but yet he wasn’t, look at what has happened within the family since his illness began and even since his death. His brothers are much closer and try to make time to spend with each other. My mom and the daughters have grown closer and don’t bicker so much.

So, God does have a reason for everything. He does answer prayers but sometimes when he doesn’t answer them how we think He should, often he has greater things in store or there is a bigger picture to it all than what we can see or want to see at the present time.


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