New Adventure

by Leah Tjoelker

In 2010 I will be starting a new adventure as a full time, stay at home, mom. I am excited to be able to watch my little girl grow and see all of the firsts in her life but I am also sadden to leave a job that I love. Good thing, we are not leaving Dayspring (that wasn’t even a thought) so Jeff Olive said I may volunteer as much as I would like to, which I’m sure I will volunteer or be involved a lot.  Maybe too much!

Dayspring isn’t just a church I attend on Sunday or a job I had during the week but it is becoming more like a second family. That’s how invested I am. Growing up in Illinois, the church I attended was a second family to me (some literally because it was small town) so I am excited to find that in Texas. I hope to continue to meet more of the Dayspring congregation and serve you any way I possibly can.

And to the other stay at home mom’s, lets get together sometime. I’m sure I will need some adult interaction some days! Maybe we can have a Women’s Breakfast/Brunch (maybe at McDonalds since we might have kids) and leave out all the bacon grease as the MAN’s Breakfast likes to have.

I will miss working in the office with Jeff, Aaron and Sharon. It never really felt like work to me. I think we had too much fun some days and we eventually had to shut our doors to get anything done. Thanks for a great working environment!


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