What I Love About Our GRACE Group

I was blessed with the privilege of hosting the Ladies Lunchtime GRACE group for this past semester.  Our group of 15 women thoroughly enjoyed studying Bad Girls of the Bible and gained a lot of insight from each character’s story, her struggles, and her strengths.  We also learned a lot about each other, and affirmed the kindred spirit of what it means to be sisters in Christ.

Here is what I found most endearing about my sisters during those six weeks.  We are a diverse bunch from a broad range of ages and stages in life.  Some have little children, some have grandchildren, and some have no children at all.  Some grew up Catholic, some grew up Protestant, and some grew up without any church experience at all.  We all love to eat.  We all love to talk!  We all care very deeply about being treated with respect, and love that Christ valued that too. 

The Bible tells us that God sees and knows the heart.  I’ll tell you glimpses that I caught of each one:        

Shannon smiles when she talks.  It really makes you feel like she appreciates being in your presence.

Cynthia enjoys life and is up for any challenge.  She makes decisions balancing wisdom and grace.

Jerry has a close relationship with her family.  She is provides support and stability when they need her.

Joannette’s a people-person with a quiet, gentle spirit.  She has a deep and meaningful prayer life.

Jennifer takes time to really process group discussions, and has an intense desire to know God more.

Melissa isn’t afraid to share her mind or her heart.  She has been richly blessed through her sacrifices.

Clyn is soft-spoken, but well-versed.  She listens intently and has great empathy for most every situation.

Renee loves to be outdoors, experiencing God’s creation first hand.  She loves her boys, and their quirks!

Becky speaks with her body as well as she does audibly.  Her heart for sign language is its own ministry.

Mary doesn’t mince words, and tells it like it she sees it.  She also listens with an open mind and heart.

Lou deftly juggles multiple demands on her time.  She loves her grandson as God does, unconditionally.

Leah is learning the ups and downs of motherhood.  Her faith helps keep her struggles in check.

Amanda takes most things in stride, and quickly gets over ruffled feathers.  Her laugh lights up a room.

Annette has a past that would make a good novel.  Her present(ce) is more like a beautiful praise song.

I love each and every one of these women.  I am looking forward to getting to know them more as we continue to grow in the Lord.  I hope that others will join us on this journey.  One can never have too many sisters in Christ!


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