New job

Starting a new job is always nerve wracking! But for some reason, I’m more nervous about this one than any other job I have ever had!

When Jeff and I first talked about the Admin Assistant position, I knew it was a great fit for my experience.  I knew I could do the job and, hopefully, do the job very well. But there was a nagging in the back of my mind about so many people relying on this position to make things go smoothly for so many other things.  My husband, Ben, always steadfast and steady, asked me “When do you plan on getting out of the boat?” Geez! Way to put it in perspective there, honey!

By keeping my spiritual gifts to myself, nothing will ever happen. Building a Church Without Walls is a lot like the decision I had to make of either keeping skills and gifts to myself or sharing them with the congregation and community. I’m really glad I decided to become part of this major project in the life of Dayspring.

Now, if Ben starts to call me Peter…. We will have a problem to deal with…..


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