Children’s Prayers for Dayspring

Dear God,

I would like to ask for you to help with building a church without walls.  I would also like to pray that it is successful and that no wild animals harm anything in the process.  –Katy Kuczkowski

Help everyone to work together and cooperate to build the new church.   –Harrison Reed Gesse

Make it a church that everyone likes.  –Austin

The new church will glorify God in many ways!  – Kurt Gesse

Thank you for Dayspring.  I like how we watch videos on the screen at the movie theater.  –Makenzie Alexander

I pray that the church will be built safely.  –Anonymous

I’m hoping we build a house church.  Thanks for having people at church today.  –Austin Buskell

We pray that God will help the people of Dayspring build a church.    –The Red Group  (Luke, Ava, Holden, Preston, Chloe, Matt, Julia and Mrs. Haugh)

I pray for the church.  –Olivia

To listen to God and help You in all of the kids ways and to keep us all safe-all my friends, family and baseball friends too.  To be a church without walls.   –Jace

I hope that anybody will be welcome to our church.  –Makenzie B.

I pray to love God and hope that we can all put a lot of effort into our new church.   –Phoebe Taylor

Be helpful to God and be nice.  We will all do what You say.    –Luke Gesse

I love God!   -Anson

I think church was wonderful!   -Jacob Quezada

Please let the church, when it’s built, help these kids learn more about you.   –Gabby

Keep our new church safe.  Help us to take care of it.  Make it a nice place for us to read our Bible and to pray.  –The Orange Group

Make our new church a wonderful place to worship.  –Mr. Peter K.

Please make our church be a fun and exciting place to worship where everyone feels welcome and that we can make it our own.           –The Blue Group (Madelyn, Morgan, Will, Kenner, Ben, Corbin & Alisa)



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