I get witnessed to in the strangest places. I had a lady give me a sermon in the mall a couple of weeks ago. A few years ago, I had a gentleman that had my office on his “route”. He would stop in at offices around Tyler to make sure he had witnessed to everyone in the office before moving on to the next office on his “route”. I always enjoyed visiting with him. But…. The other day, I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. One of the employees started talking to me as I was wandering around gathering up things on my list.
He told me about how he gets to talk to all kinds of people during his work day and that he tries to make sure that he sets a good example for every one of them by sharing his Lord and Savior with them. He went on to say that he is making up for lost time because he had a “rough” life before becoming a Christian. He talked about his church and how he invites people every day to join him at church on Sunday and if they refuse, he tells them if they aren’t in his church then they need to be in a church no matter what.
It started me thinking about how many times do I share my faith openly with people. I heard that statistics show a person hears the message of Jesus approximately 7 times before they do anything with it. How many times have I told others about Jesus? If I talk to someone, is that going to be their 7th time? Or maybe just the 4th or 5th time… Could even be the first time for some people.
If this man that I just met, can invite me to church, then I guess I can invite others to church, too. Who knows! Maybe that’s just the invitation they need to hear to get them to hear about my Lord and Savior for the 7th time. .. And if you’re in WalMart on Broadway, make sure you tell Darrell “hello!”.


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