Momentum 2011

This year’s stewardship campaign is reflective of our continuing prayer for Dayspring. Through Momentum 2011, I want you to know that YOU are a vital part of this church. Without all of us working together, we will not have the momentum necessary to accomplish the ministry of Dayspring.

Dayspring just turned three and we continue to grow. Some of you have been with Dayspring from the beginning. Some of you have been members a few weeks. Regardless, the calling before us will involve all of us working together. Momentum 2011 is about all of us doing our part to move Dayspring forward this next year. When the body of Christ works together, we have momentum that is unstoppable.

This year’s campaign logo shows the individual pieces of the Dayspring logo coming together. If the logo (representative of the church) is missing one piece, then it is incomplete. Without your support, we are incomplete. Please consider what your giving to our church will be for this upcoming year.

This Sunday is commitment Sunday. I hope that you will be part of the momentum behind Dayspring in 2011!

Jeff Olive, Pastor


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