I just read some interesting thoughts on New Year’s resolutions.  The word “resolution”  itself is kind of interesting.  The pre-fix (re) means to do again.  Without the “re” the word is “solution.”  Does that mean a resolution is simply trying a past solution again?  Take away the suffix, (tion) and you end up with the root word: solve.  That’s easy — it just means to fix.  So…what do we need to FIX in our lives–or more accurately–RE-fix for 2011?

According to Barna Group 61% of Americans will make a New Year’s resolution at some point in their lives, and 41% have made a commitment this year alone. These are the top 7 resolutions made:

    1.    diet and health (30%)

    2.    money, debt, and finances (15%)

    3.    personal improvement (13%)    

    4.    addiction (12%)

    5.    job and career (5%)

    6.    spiritual and church related (5%)

    7.    education (4%)

    “Not quite 1%…mentioned that one of their objectives for next year was getting closer to God in some way,” and virtually no responses included goals about serving others, marriage and parenting, or being a better friend.  Although New Year’s resolutions tend to be more of a personal “wish-list” and only 1 out of every 4 Americans claim their resolutions result in lasting change.  Still, it is amazing to see how our priorities and goals, even simple resolutions, indicate what we value as a culture.   So, how do we solve that?

The two basic “fixes” that the Bible proposes can be summed up as:  Love God, Love Others.  Then, do it again.  Re-Solve.  What if 2011 was more about strengthening, fixing, or improving relationships, instead of about ourselves?


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