Dayspringer putting her faith to work

This article is found on the Tyler Independent School District Website:

It was the idea of two students that united an entire elementary campus to raise funds for a project more than 6,000 miles away.  Fourth graders Avery Olive and Ayden Erkin approached Jack Elementary Principal, Shauna Hittle, several weeks ago with a plan to help raise money for The American Red Cross to help victims in Japan.  The project they proposed would allow students and staff to wear their pajamas to school if they brought $2 for the Japan relief effort.

“They told me they would like to have ‘Jammies for Japan’ day,” said Hittle.  “They were responsible for making the flyers to send home as well as collecting the donations.”

And plan they did. The girls turned their idea into a reality.  With the principal’s permission, Olive and Erkin created the fliers that went home with more than 680 students at the campus.  On Friday, students and staff came to school in their favorite PJ’s to help the cause. The campus raised $887.30.

“We are so proud of our service minded Jack Patriots,” Hittle said

Pictured from left: Jack Elementary fourth graders, Ayden Erkin and Avery Olive, display their fundraising idea of wearing jammies to help raise money for The American Red Cross to help victims in Japan.



One thought on “Dayspringer putting her faith to work

  1. What a wonderful idea. It is amazing how kids can motivate other kids because their intentions are normally pure.

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