90 Days sure goes by fast!

After deliberating and discussing which small group to join, my husband and I decided to be in B90, or Bible in 90 days (biblein90days.org). We are coming down to the single digits of our 90 days and are getting very close to having accomplished something amazing… Reading the WHOLE Bible in just 90 days! I find it very hard to believe that we are almost done! I have learned so much and found out that some of the stories that I thought I was familiar with, were actually quite different when coming directly from the pages of the Bible.

If you ever have a chance to be in a group like B90, take advantage of it. Not only have we become more educated on our Savior but also on the history that developed as we moved toward getting the much awaited Savior while getting to know our fellow church members, too.

Thank you to Dennis and Janice Phillips as they led our group to the very end! I’m so glad we decided to be a part of the B90 small group and we are talking about going through it again someday soon!


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