I like words.  I like games.  I like helping others.  This morning I came across a website that combines all of these things–and it’s free!  When you play this online vocabulary game, with some assiduity, you can improve your vocabulary.  Not only that, but the site’s urbanity is alleviating world hunger.

You’re presented with a vocabulary word. You must select the correct synonym from the list of answers. You can also hear how the word sounds. This can help jog your memory. Or, it can help you make sure you get the pronunciation right.  It starts out simplistic, but gets more difficult with each level. If you miss a word, the game shows you the correct synonym. The word will also be repeated later. –A great way to memorize new words!

There’s more to this game than just building your vocabulary. For each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program to help end hunger. With a game this addictive, the rice soon piles up!   My best level was 42 (out of 60–ouch!) but I managed to donate upwards of 24,000 grains of rice, in about 20 minutes.

To play…


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