Dayspring volunteers

From our inception, Dayspring events and worship services have been facilitated by numerous volunteers, willing to spend time and effort to serve our body at large. Since their work is often behind-the-scenes, I want to take a moment to show you what Dayspring Volunteers looks like. For 2012, there have been three main volunteer areas for Sunday mornings. Here are their titles and job descriptions:

4 Connector Teams (24 people total):
Smile and greet people. Notice newcomers and escort them to desired destinations—sanctuary, kid’s area, food area or information desk. When offering is started in main worship, three connectors are needed to check tags at exit doors of kid’s area—nursery, worship jr., and kids worship. A fourth connector is needed at the First Time check-in station.

4 Hospitality Teams (12 people total)
Clean counters, set out food, coffee and coffee items, replenish beverage center, clean lobby area (sweep) before leaving for service and watch for spills, check trashcan levels. 

4 Usher Teams (32 people total)
Open building doors for guests before and after worship service, hand out bulletins at sanctuary entrances, close sliding metal doors at 9:30 and 11:00. Open sliding metal doors immediately after benediction, collect offering, and oversee information station until sermon starts to direct latecomers. Count attendance from rear of sanctuary during service (use two people for accurate count). Pick up sanctuary and refill cards as needed after worship services.

That’s 68 people, just on Sunday morning volunteer teams!

There are numerous other volunteers behind the scenes, working the tech booth, children’s check-in, children’s teachers, facilitators and others.

November is the last service month of 2012 for half of the above teams. Please take a moment this Sunday to thank the volunteers that serve you each week.



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