Ash Wednesday (Feb. 13)

ImageI’ll be honest, Ash Wednesday wasn’t something I knew anything about when I came to Dayspring. My background was less liturgical, and more well, non-liturgical. Dayspring would never be accused of being “traditional” in most senses; however, I have come to deeply appreciate the reverence with which we treat this service. Ash Wednesday reminds us. It reminds us of our frailty – our insufficiency. Without acknowledging this, we don’t realize His sufficiency. How important that we remember!

Ash Wednesday 2013 is next week. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Introduction and greeting (what is Ash Wednesday?)
  • Song: Oh Great God, Give us Rest
  • Joel (Turning to Him)
  • Song: Lead Me to the Cross
  • Second Corinthians (Now is the Time)
  • Song: It Is Well
  • Matthew (Our Motivation)
  • Song: All the Poor and Powerless
  • Message and Imposition of Ashes
  • Song: Never Let Go
  • Benediction

Join us, and remember.



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