Movie at Bergfeld, Friday August 23: EPIC

ImageJoin us at Bergfeld Park Friday August 23! This year’s feature will be the movie EPIC, from the creators of Ice Age and Rio. EPIC tells the story of MK, a teenage girl who has just lost her mother and is attempting to create a relationship with her kooky father, a man who is more interested in exposing the secrets of the forest than talking to his kid.

Adamant that there is an entire race of tiny people and animals dictating the forest’s fate, the kooky dad has rigged up a series of cameras throughout the woods, trying to catch sight of these elusive creatures. Much to his daughter’s frustration, this seemingly fictional world comes before her own needs. 

Of course it turns out there is an entire race of fairy like creatures. And as MK struggles with her father, these tiny folk are struggling against the ever-present threat of evil and chief bad guy Mandrake, who wants to turn the forest into a pit of rot and darkness. Due to series of well-timed events, our large heroine MK suddenly finds herself in the middle of a battle to save the forest from destruction, all the while realizing there is more to her dad than she previously thought. 

She finds an ally in the troubled leaf man Nod and with the help of other small creatures they set about saving the lush green world that surrounds them.

Epic is visually stunning with watchers pulled into a world that is equal measures lush, pristine vegetation and dank, jagged desolation. As the small people battle against the powers of evil, MK learns a bit about herself and her relationship with her father.


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