Kids Volunteers

ImageOne Sunday afternoon I received a text message from an adult who had volunteered that morning in Kids Worship. She had apologized for “seeming a little down today-I get mildly depressed when my kids are gone and I haven’t seen them in 8 days… but it (serving in Kids Worship) always lifts my spirits”. As I reflected on her words, I thought about her willingness to serve at a moment’s notice, and even when she may not have really been feeling up to it.

Many times she serves even when her kids are not with her on Sunday morning. When I think of many of my “happy places” where my spirits are lifted as well, it has been centered around volunteering with kids. Even though serving is something we are called to do as members, and a responsibility we have to help grow the faith of our children, it has always done the same for me.

Come lift the spirits of children and your own by volunteering. If you can do any of the following: play a game, work a DVD player or projector, lead an activity, smile, clap, or sing then you are a highly qualified Kids Worship volunteer! There is always place for you in the Kids Worship area. E-mail Susan Stair at susan[at] or call (903) 581-0550.


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