iServe 2013



By Molly Henderson, 2013 Graduate of Dayspring UMC Student Ministry

A couple of weeks ago our mid-high students were given the opportunity to serve our community through various projects at Tyler State Park and surrounding locations during our mission week “iServe”.  In just three work days our youth were able to successfully complete seven different work sites.  It was an amazing experience to watch these students work with such a servant’s heart and succeed in tasks that were not necessarily a definition of “fun”.  They were able to push through physical challenges, such as the work site where a bridge was built.  The telephone poles that were used as the support basis of the structure had a layer of creosote covering the surface which resulted in very uncomfortable chemical burns for several of our students and adult leaders.  Although this was a setback, everyone continued working to the
Sometimes when we think of mission work, we think that it must be something rather large and difficult to complete.  Mission work does not necessarily mean that you have to be building a structure, or even going out of our own community to satisfy the needs best of their abilities with a joyful heart.  Whether it was washing cars at a nursing home, or painting and improving a playground, our youth put forth their very best effort in completing their projects.


of God’s people.  Every situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity to please God, and I truly believe that our youth understand how little tasks can truly impact someone if they are done for the right reasons and with a positive attitude.

Aside from the incredible mission work our students were able to complete during the week, they were also able to grow closer to one another through worship and fellowship during the evenings.  Through water balloon fights, kayak adventures, and meals together, many students formed friendships with other youth within our group

that will continue to grow and strengthen throughout the years to come.  Although we had a great time playing games and burning energy, every night when the time came to worship, everyone calmed down and focused on the true meaning behind the reasoning we are called to serve.  The image of so many youth gathered around a fire with their camp chairs, worshipping together, was a sight that cannot be easily recreated.

As a youth group, we cannot express how thankful we are for such a supportive congregation.  In every situation that we might need assistance, whether it is financially or the need for supplies, there is never any hesitation and we are always blessed with way more than we actually need.  Without so much support, our youth would not be able to continue to fulfill our church’s mission of being a “Church without Walls”.  Thank you again.



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