Commitment Sunday (Nov. 17)

The “blessed life,” as it is understood throughout scripture, is never about the blessings we receive.  Rather, it is always about the blessings we give in response to the overflow of God’s provision in our lives.  It is in giving our lives away that we experience life as God intends it to be lived!

This Sunday, we will consider the final mark of the Blessed Life: Love.  It is not an accident that we will consider God’s overwhelming, unbounded love on the same day that we will make our financial commitments for 2014 as a church community.  After all, the purpose of every dollar given to Dayspring UMC since the day our community began has been to share the love we have experienced in Christ with people who have never known such love.  As we have talked about throughout this series, God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to the whole world.  Dayspring has been a rich blessing to so many of us, and we want to continue sharing that blessing with our neighbors in new and exciting ways throughout 2014.

I am praying that you will consider the gift God is calling you to make in 2014, and bring your Commitment Card to worship this Sunday.  Your gifts will change the lives of children, youth and adults across Tyler as we live out our calling to be a church without walls!

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Matt Stone


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