Advent Devo: The Wreath

AC_blog iconWe talked at Dayspring yesterday about the role that Advent might play in our lives as a season of preparation.  Christians have used this time (starting the fourth Sunday before Christmas) since the 4th century to examine their spiritual lives, with the goal of preparing their hearts to (1) celebrate the birth of Jesus, (2) acknowledge God’s continued presence on earth in the Holy Spirit, and (3) make themselves ready for the return of Christ to redeem the whole earth.

For hundreds of years, Christians across the globe have used an Advent wreath to aid their preparation.  In addition to a central candle that represents Christ, the wreath has four candles that represent four aspects of what Christmas means for God’s people: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.  Each week in worship we’ll light another candle, which helps us mark the passing of time as we approach Christmas day.  So for the next four weeks, we will post a short passage from Scripture that we think will add depth to our experience of these four themes during Advent.  Some passages may be familiar, and some may not as we look for stories throughout the whole Bible that bring depth to our understanding of Christmas.  We hope you’ll join us in using this as an opportunity to reflect for a few minutes each day on the gift God gave us in sending His Son.  As always, feel free to post questions or comments that come up in the next four weeks!


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