Dayspring’s Response to Immigration Crisis

Immigrant ChildrenIf you have been following the news this week, you’re probably aware that President Obama is visiting Texas today in order to- among other things- discuss the growing humanitarian crisis at our southern border.  If you survey most major news outlets, you’ll read an article that begins with a few lines about the thousands of children who are dumped at our border by human traffickers from Central America.  While I’m grateful that our news outlets are covering the plight of some of the most helpless people on earth, I’m disappointed to see how quickly most of these articles transition to a conversation about the political wrangling from both sides of the aisle.  How quickly they move from the devastation experienced by these children to political posturing of one sort or another!

I don’t pretend to have the expertise or insight to solve our nation’s immigration crisis.  To be frank, I’m not sure I could even comment intelligibly on the issue.  Nonetheless, I can’t escape a sense that people who follow Jesus must have some sort of response to a crisis like this.  From beginning to end, scripture is clear: God cares about people who are suffering, and so must we.  When children show up on our doorstep after traveling hundreds of miles while enduring hunger, thirst and abuse, we have no option but to respond with compassion and love.  When God’s children are suffering, Jesus wants to show up and He wants to use us to do so.  While there are good arguments on both sides regarding the proper future of these children, the reality they currently inhabit is too horrific for us to ignore.

It’s times like this that I’m so thankful to be a part of the United Methodist family.  Tyler sits 500 miles- and at least that far in a cultural sense- from the closest point on the US- Mexico border.  Yet we have brothers and sisters in Christ who are working through sister United Methodist churches on the border to be the hands and feet of Jesus for these children.  I received word through the Texas Conference that these “co-workers in the gospel” need help.  While they have the volunteer power to deliver much-needed love and care, they need help providing basic necessities of life.  How good it is to have people we can trust to deliver supplies that we can provide!  Through the end of this month, we will be collecting the following items on Sunday morning (or any time throughout the week).  What a great opportunity we have to bless others just as we have been blessed!

Fast food or large “box store” gift cards
Bedding kits (twin sheets, pillows, pillow cases, light blankets)
New undergarments
Shoes fit for travel
Fruit juices (not fruit drinks)
Disposable diapers

You may also make a financial contribution by writing “Crisis Response” on your envelope or on the memo line of your check.


Peace in Christ,

Pastor Matt


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