Sunday’s Leftovers

There is no me without you“I am because we are.”  The concept of “ubuntu” comes out of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa as a way of demanding equality and reminding us of the interconnected nature of God’s creation.  I mentioned it briefly in worship yesterday as we explored God’s desire for the church to be unified.   I couldn’t help but share this beautiful song by a great friend with you.  Aaron Hale wrote this song with Robbie Seay, and it was Aaron who introduced me to the concept of Ubuntu.  He has a beautiful passion for calling the church to remember Jesus’ invitation to love and care for the “least of these” that the world has long since forgotten.  Before you listen to the song (which you must do), take a moment to reflect on the lyrics.  After reading, enjoy listening to this!

Our journey is the same
Our joy is not in vain
Though our path be stained with blood
You have paved the way with love

When redemption calls our names
We will join the unashamed
And together we will sing
Let our voices ring

I am because we are, we sing
Many travel far with offering
And with joy we celebrate
For our God has come to save
And You cast our fears aside
Let our voices ring

Before our Father’s throne
Our hopes and fears are one
We pour our ardent prayers
Our comforts and our cares

Whenever we’re apart
We shall be joined in one heart
Though it gives us inward pain
We have hope to meet again

There is no me without you


Peace in Christ,

Pastor Matt


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