Shiloh Pines Wrap Up!

April Klein led a Summer ministry to kids at the Shiloh Pines apartments here in Tyler over the Summer. Here’s a wrap-up from April:

“We wrapped up Shiloh Pines this last Tuesday… …See attached photos!

There was not a huge physical need at the location, but the food brought them in and then the playing kept them coming back. Even the food inspection people made a comment about how different our site was, because you could tell the volunteers “really wanted to be there.”
Besides delivering over 800 nutritious meals to kids at Shiloh Pines we…

  • Played basketball, soccer, four square, water dodge ball, freeze tag, and frizbee.
  • Wrote thank you notes to military service members and their families for serving our country (Operation Appreciation)
  • Had an Operation Tournament to see who was the best surgeon & talked about our futures!
  • Watercolor painted, fingernail painted, and got artistic with sidewalk chalk
  • Made a card and prayed for a local man in need of healing
  • Talked about dinosaurs, school, and much, much more

Shiloh Pines was God’s answer to a personal prayer for me & I know He also used Dayspring members to bless these kids with attention, acceptance, and affirmation! What a great summer!!”


Bball at Shiloh Pines chalk 4 square knock out Foot tag at Shiloh Pines Shiloh Art Shiloh Pines sign Shiloh surgery competition Shiloh water wars 


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