Love Does- A New Series at Dayspring

Love Does PropNike’s “Just Do It” campaign is widely recognized as one of the top 5 advertising campaigns of the 20th Century.  It was largely responsible for Nike’s growth from 18% of marketshare in 1988 to 43% in 1998 (which represents growth from $877 million to $9.2 billion in worldwide sales¹).  Part of its effectiveness was that it refused to limit its target to those interested in fitness.  Rather, Nike wanted to appeal to every American regardless of their interest or engagement in sports, so they chose a tagline that had the capacity to motivate anyone at any time to do anything.  Genius!  They knew through research what you and I know from experience- the biggest barrier to doing something is…not doing anything!

I love the beautiful simplicity of the idea: just do it- something, anything- stop thinking about it and get to work!  I wonder if there’s something here for those of us who follow Jesus?  Maybe that’s exactly what Jesus would tell us today!  I wonder if we spend so much time thinking about Jesus and studying God and pondering the Holy Spirit that we lose track of time and forget to do something with all this great knowledge.

Over the next 4 weeks, I want to invite you to explore exactly that!  Bob Goff’s book, Love Does will serve as an illustrated guide to the Book of James, which encourages Jesus-followers to a life that does more than speak and think about faith.  James was passionate about a community that would both know the love of the gospel and LIVE the love of the gospel.  Join us at Dayspring UMC starting September 7th at 9:30 or 11:00!

¹Source: Wikipedia.  I know- not the most academic source…


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