Sunday Leftovers

Sunday LeftoversI shared a story on Sunday from Bob Goff’s book (Love Does) about some simple, yet powerful, words of encouragement that Bob received after a little league game when he was a child (listen here).  I thought it might be interested to hear in Bob’s own words the lesson he learned:

I heard a self-help guy say once you could look in a mirror and give yourself something he called positive affirmations, like saying to yourself you are good or smart or talented.  I don’t know if that works, to be honest.  Maybe it does.  But I do know one thing that works every time- it’s having somebody else say something good about you.  I think that’s how we were created, you know, to get named by people this way.  I think God speaks something meaningful into our lives and it fills us up and helps us change the world regardless of ourselves and our shortcomings.  HIs name for us is beloved.  He hopes that we’ll believe Him like I came to believe what the coach said about me.  He hopes we’ll start to see ourselves as His beloved rather than think of all the reasons that we aren’t.

Words of encouragement are like that.  They have their own power.  And when they are said by the right people, they can change everything.  What I’ve found in following Jesus is that most of the time, when it comes to who says it, we each are the right people.  And I’ve concluded something else.  That the words people say to us not only have shelf life but have the ability to shape life.     p. 87-88 of Love Does

In the same way that you were blessed by the words God speaks over your life- beloved, child, worthy- someone needs to hear words of encouragement, hope and love from YOU!  Who will you bless this week?


Pastor Matt


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