All Things Bright and Dutiful?

Connect_blog2We are called to relationship.

As we dutifully go about the things of life over and over again, a good thing can quickly become just a thing and soon, simply a task that needs to be done so that we can move on to the next thing or task. Creativity and critical thought are no longer required for completion, and outcomes are generally the same. Too quickly, our lives fill with duties requiring check marks on a list of “things to do to make it until tomorrow” (or however far the list takes us). This is great for brushing teeth, paying bills and 401(k) contributions, but we are called to much, much more. God calls His people to relationship – to be creative, innovative, spontaneous and (I believe consequentially) beautiful people. We are called to break from the script of things second nature and allow God to use his Spirit through us – our new nature.

A calendar will schedule a table at Starbucks, but it can’t predict what might happen in the conversation.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had some special opportunities to spend extended time visiting with and ministering to (and being ministered to by) some of the volunteers that serve our creative teams at Dayspring. There is no script, no rehearsal and no agenda outside of simply loving one another. We share stories, pray together and generally speak truth into one another’s lives. It is beautiful.  The conversation begins without knowing exactly where it will end, and all the bumps, segues and rabbit trails serve to show God’s creativity at work in us. We love in spite of differences. Healing happens, growth happens and God’s nature is evident. We were designed with this in mind.

Give the Spirit opportunity to move.

Give opportunity for true relationship to happen. That may mean giving up something on your list, or even letting things fall off the back page (please do brush your teeth). Facebook, Instagram and texting don’t count; relationship happens face to face. Don’t come with an agenda, and don’t expect an outcome. It’ll be beautiful – promise.



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