30 Hour Famine–Insider Information

Have you been wondering what Dayspring Student Ministries was up to during our 30 Hour Famine?

Besides being hungry (and watching Pastor Matt eat pizza in front of us), we kept ourselves very busy. We helped sort cans and assemble food bags at Lanes Chapel Food Pantry. We made over a hundred peanut putter and jelly sandwiches. We held a panel with two of our previously homeless neighbors to learn about their experiences. We served breakfast and passed out toiletries, flowers, and Easter dresses at Hunger For Love. We played games that taught us about food shortage, literacy challenges, and economic opportunity. We prayed our way through a prayer walk, reflecting on our own privilege and asking how we can be a blessing to others.

I could say more, but I’d rather let our youth speak for themselves. Here’s what a few of them have to say about what they learned and how they are changed:

I’m more appreciative of what I have and more sympathetic to more people.”

“I learned that food and water wasn’t the most tough thing to find for the guys who were homeless. The hardest thing was getting back in to society, getting back respect from other people and themselves. The famine changed me because now I know what homeless really means. it changed me to be more respectful to people and maybe donate more.”

“I learned that everybody overuses the phrase ‘I’m starving.’ I realized I’m not starving, and some people actually are.”

“I learned how homeless people live, and it changed my perspective. Everyone thinks that a homeless person isn’t trying, but they actually are. They’re out there trying to get away from that life.”

“At Hunger For Love, this little blonde girl had blisters all over her feet from her little rubber slippers. I got to help her find new shoes. It was a happy moment, but it made me sad. She told me she lives out of her car. I will remember her.”

Besides learning about the problems of hunger in our community, our students also learned how they can help—and they did. Together with your support, our 30 Hour Famine has raised $4,147—enough to provide the homeless and hungry in Tyler with a hot breakfast every Saturday morning for almost two months! That’s twice as long as the goal we set!

Thank you so much for your donations that will go directly to helping our homeless friends. If you missed the event but still want to donate to the fund, check out the Dayspring app or go to http://dayspringumc.com/30hf/. Maybe we can raise enough for three months of breakfast!

PS–I was serious about the pizza.



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