Santa’s Secret Workshop

Did you know there is an opportunity right here in Tyler to ensure every child has a special Christmas–and it’s something you and your family can be a part of? St. Paul Children’s Foundation is a local organization that provides food, clothing, medical and dental care, and spiritual support for thousands of children and their families. Around Christmas time, they make sure that their children have something to unwrap on Christmas morning, regardless of their family’s income. They stock the shelves with gifts provided by donors, then parents can come and shop for their kids, picking out something that their individual child will enjoy. The gifts are then wrapped up and ready to take home, adding a little bit of fun to a child’s life that may need it.

This service is a perfect example of Advent Conspiracy. Not only does it love on our neighbors well, but it provides us an opportunity to teach our own families how to do so! Santa’s Secret Workshop is fueled by volunteers–shelf-stockers, gift-wrappers, shopping guides for the parents, and more. They have 465 volunteer slots open, starting today and going until December 18. What a great way to get our families involved in spreading the love of Jesus–and to spend quality time serving together.

If you want to get involved with Santa’s Secret Workshop, call Brenda Byerly at 903-510-8321 or



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